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National Construction Safety Week

By September 18, 2020January 31st, 2023No Comments

National Construction Safety Week provides General Contractors and Construction Managers with a great opportunity to reflect on their practices, search for ways to improve, and to celebrate their accomplishments in maintaining a safe and productive job site. Here at Donlar Construction, safety has always been a top priority and we take advantage of this week to cover a variety of topics with our staff in the field. Each day this week, across all our active jobsites, our superintendents hosted a safety talk that highlighted a different aspect of job site safety. A lot of great information was shared on site; Here is a summary of what was covered in our toolbox talks on site!

Monday, September 14th: Built on Safety

Our “Built on Safety” talk emphasizes that in all job site activities, safety is the top priority. Safety is a team effort, and each team member has made a commitment to one another to operate safely and look out for one another. We discussed ways that we can work both as individuals and as a team to ensure job site safety and how to speak up if we find a situation that is not as safe as it could or should be.

Tuesday, September 15th: Focus on the Fundamentals

Our “Focus on the Fundamentals” safety talk takes it back to the basics and reiterates what might be considered the most basic safety rules on site. We covered fundamental safety policies on site and elaborated on what makes these fundamentals so important.

Wednesday, September 16th: COVID-19 Safety

On Wednesday, we covered what might be the most publicized safety concern on jobsites today, COVID-19. We covered the ways in which COVID-19 has impacted our trades and how it has impacted our efforts on site. More importantly, we covered the solutions that we have enacted to combat COVID-19, and reviewed our on-site COVID-19 policies.

Thursday, September 17th:

Our Toolbox Talk on Thursday was all about Mental Health Awareness. We covered the impacts that mental health problems can have on our job sites, and how we can better take care of ourselves and others, operating as a team that supports safety and supports each other by sharing resources for help and warning signs that someone might be struggling with mental health issues.

Friday, September 18th:

Our Final day of National Construction Safety Week was taken to thank our valued team in the field for their hard work and dedication. As an essential industry, they continued to work through the pandemic and continued to do so safely and effectively, and we are proud of what they have accomplished.