Meet Donlar

Meet Donlar

Company Overview

At Donlar Construction, project management is not just a job; it is a passion. Donlar’s team takes a hands-on approach, and many of us found our beginning as a laborer on the jobsite before trading in our hammer and nails for a desk and a computer. This valuable experience has left our team with the talent, commitment, and knowledge to effectively manage every aspect of a construction project. That makes us more than project superintendents and managers; we are skilled craftsmen with a deep understanding of construction and a passion for giving people their dream facilities.

Jon has more than 40 years of experience in the construction industry and much of that time was working at Donlar Construction. He began as a skilled laborer and then as foreman. Following school and work as a registered architect, Jon returned to construction as a project manager and estimator, applying his design experience and insight to his work. Jon became LEED accredited in 2007 and was instrumental in facilitating a number of LEED Certified projects throughout the Midwest. In February 2008, Jon was named Chief Operating Officer for Donlar Construction, and since that time he has been in charge of the day to day operations and strategic direction of the company.

Throughout his more than four decades in the construction industry, Gary has gained a broad base of experience that ranges from construction materials testing to project management. He has been involved in all stages of construction from the design to closeout. With a wide array of experience a level-headed demeanor, Gary brings clear perspective to construction operations and challenges. His dedication, attention to detail, and skill at problem solving make him an excellent coordinator of operations in our Waite Park office and a valuable asset to the company as a whole.

Karl has 23 years of experience with accounting in the construction industry. He graduated from St. John’s University with a double major in Accounting and Political Science and passed The Uniform CPA Examination in fall 1997 on his first attempt, scoring second highest score in Minnesota. At Donlar Construction, Karl is responsible for overseeing the financial and administrative functions of the company. Because finances impact all areas of business, it’s important for a CFO to have broad company involvement and impact ranging from safety & risk management to HR & benefit plan administration, payroll, job costing, subcontractor management, and computer & IT management.

Jerald has over 34 years of experience in the construction industry as a project manager with experience in both engineering and construction. He progressed from a field laborer to senior project manager/Chief estimator in institutional, residential, industrial, commercial, and medical construction projects upwards of 55,000,000. Jerald has worked both locally and nationally, bringing his experience, coordination skills, and passion for innovation to his projects and the organizations he serves. 8 years with Donlar.

Stewart, our Chief Estimator, has 42 years of construction related experience and brings a disciplined and comprehensive approach to pre-construction services and cost control. Throughout his career Stewart has held a variety of positions such as Vice President, Chief Estimator, Estimator, and Project Manager, and for a period of 10 years held numerous high-level management positions where he was responsible for all aspects of day to day operations.  As Chief Estimator, he works with Donlar’s project management staff to ensure accuracy and timeliness during the critical pre-construction and construction phases of all contract work.

Having 15 years of experience as a Concrete Finisher, Scott brings extensive field experience to his duties as General Superintendent / Safety Director. He is highly motivated and applies his hands-on experience and dedication to keeping Donlar’s personnel up to date with construction safety requirements and best practices. He leads our trade personnel’s Annual Safety Training Day to reinforce and maintain policies, and he fields daily safety questions. Scott is a steady presence and a respected leader at Donlar Construction.

Safety Record

Construction might be our passion, but safety is our top priority. Safety is emphasized in everything that we do, and we utilize an aggressive and comprehensive safety program on all our construction projects. We have recently become a level one member of the CHASE Partnership, in an effort to further improve the safety of our staff and all people on site. Our commitment to safety has led us to 1.2 million hours of no loss time and counting!