As a full-service Construction Organization, Donlar Construction offers a wide array of services, ranging from general contracting and subcontracting, to Construction Management! We take your priorities and make them our own, seeing you project through from start to finish. Click below to see how Donlar Construction will work for you:

It’s not enough to know that your school district needs new facilities; your voters need to know it too. Donlar Construction can help you determine the most efficient way to meet your district’s facility needs and develop a game plan for getting your district’s residents on board. Donlar Construction’s Pre-Referendum Services are exactly what you’ll need to pass your Referendum.

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A thorough assessment of your existing facilities is the perfect way to kickstart your project. By examining your current facility’s strengths and weaknesses, we can determine what you need and what you can afford. We analyze the current conditions, deficiencies, the building systems, security, and the technology to develop actionable recommendations that you can use to plan your new facility.

As soon as Donlar is part of your project, we collaborate with the owner and architect. We are involved in all aspects of Pre-Construction to improve the facility’s functionality and durability while focusing on maximizing budget and maintaining schedule. Our holistic approach means that your entire project is planned well before construction begins and you know exactly what to expect in the construction process.

Donlar’s approach to construction management is based in our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. We make ourselves the focal point of collaboration for the owner, architect, and contractors to ensure that all operations are handled smoothly, meeting the owner’s requirements. Our experience in self performed work gives us a more intimate understanding of construction. Our staff has worked on projects like yours, and we know what it takes to actually perform each step. We can take our practical skills and knowledge of construction and apply it while serving as your professional construction management team.

When the time comes to pass the torch and hand over your new facility, we won’t just throw you the keys and walk away. Donlar Construction remains on your team throughout the warranty phase and beyond, ensuring that any issues are dealt with and your facility continues to function as it was designed. We train your team to manage their new facility, showing them how to operate the various systems and how to maintain it.

Donlar Construction’s Construction management abilities are enhanced by our ability to self-perform work, which includes selective demolition, concrete, and rough and finish carpentry. When self-performing on your construction site, we have more direct control over the variables impacting schedule and craftsmanship, resulting in an overall better project. Even when we are not utilizing our self-performed construction on your site, our intimate knowledge of the trades we self-perform gives us a greater understanding of the construction process and serves as a priceless asset for our Project Managers, Superintendents, and Estimators.

Professional Services

Donlar Construction is a full-service construction organization. Our services include the following:

  • Construction Management
  • General Construction
  • LEED Management/Coordination
  • Professional Estimating Services
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • K-12 Pre-Referendum Planning
  • Construction Planning
  • Program / Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Construction Contract Management
  • Facility Assessment Services


Pre-Referendum Services


Specialty Trade Services

Donlar Construction is also a licensed General Contractor with 48 years of experience in self-performing a wide array of work scopes by utilizing our team of highly skilled craftspeople. As a self-performing general contractor, we have our own crews. Our work scopes include:

  • Selective Building Demolition
  • Cast-in-Place Building and Site Concrete
  • Rough and Finish Carpentry
  • Caulking and Sealants
  • Sloped Roofing
  • Siding
  • Concrete Polishing

Throughout the project, Donlar Construction showed diligence dedication and professionalism to finish work on time and in handling difficult situations when they arose.

Higher Education

Company : Ridgewater College - Dan Holtz VP of Finance and Operations

“Donlar delivered in a very professional manner on everything they promised. Their workmanship is impeccable.”


Company : Christ the King Retreat Center - Fr. James Deegan, OMI

"We were impressed with the work ethic displayed by the personnel assigned to this project and their overall attitude toward the job. They went beyond the call to assure a high quality finished product. On behalf of our Pastor Rev. Michael Patullo, our Advisory Team and Finance Council I would highly recommend Donlar Construction as a general contractor of a Constructor for any facility."


Company : Immaculate Heart of Mary Church - L.M. Bourassa Trustee and Building Project Chair

“In construction management, the STMA School District has formed an alliance with Donlar. To us, forming this long-term working relationship with Donlar has been extremely important and valuable....I highly recommend Donlar and have found them to be an excellent partner in renovation and building new schools for the St. Michael-Albertville School District. The school board members and community are pleased with the partnership we have formed with Donlar.”

K-12 Education

Company : St. Michael-Albertville Schools - Dr. Marcia Ziegler, Retired Superintendent

"I am confident in saying that our experience with Donlar Construction couldn’t have been better, from start to finish. I highly recommend your Company to anyone who may be considering a new addition or altogether new construction. We are deeply grateful to Donlar for making our construction project the very positive experience has been."


Company : Church of St Mary – Waverly, MN - Fr. Timothy Cloutier