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Pre-Referendum Services

It’s not enough to know that your school district needs new facilities; your voters need to know it too. Donlar Construction can help you determine the most efficient way to meet your district’s facility needs and develop a game plan for getting your district’s residents on board. Donlar Construction’s Pre-Referendum Services are exactly what you’ll need to pass your Referendum.

Donlar Construction has gathered a highly experienced team of professionals designed to lead you and your district to referendum success. We have been constructing educational facilities for over 48 years, and our team has gathered the knowledge and experience necessary to make your facility dreams a reality.

Organizational analysis

A full Organizational Analysis offers valuable insight on the current state of your district. The information gathered here tells us where your district is currently at and what is projected for the future. Donlar Construction takes a unique approach by utilizing a third-party analyst. By providing an independent third party to conduct the study, Donlar can ensure truly unbiased results.

  • Enrollment & Enrollment Trends
  • Finances: Funding, Financial Analysis, Revenue Sources, and Comparative Analysis
  • Educational Programs & Services
  • Staffing Adequacy

Facility assessment

A thorough assessment of your existing facilities can show us the strengths and weaknesses of your district’s tangible assets. This information will help you decide what stays and what goes in the event of a referendum.

  • ID building conditions & deficiencies
  • Analyze building system conditions
  • Facility Security Analysis
  • Technology Systems Evaluation
  • Create recommendations

Referendum planning

Recognizing that your district needs a new or renovated facility is the first step; now your district’s residents need to know it too. We’ll help you identify realistic solutions that are suitable for both the students and taxpayers, and help you make these solutions a reality.

Donlar Construction takes a comprehensive approach to referendum planning, leading you step by step all the way to the ballot box.

  • Facility Taskforce Assembly and Guidance
  • Assess Voter Support
  • Assist in educating District Constituents

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