Phase I: Work involved demolition of exterior hollow metal doors and window replacement with new aluminum storefronts/doors/windows. Also connection to the school security system. Donlar coordinated work within an occupied facility for safety and security as well as around the work of other contractors who were working on other simultaneous projects.

Phase II: 100% demolition and replacement of auditorium seating, flooring, wall coverings, ceilings, house lighting, sound system, theatrical rigging/lighting/curtains, dressing rooms, control booth, electrical distribution/conduit/wiring, and mechanical/plumbing systems.

Phase III: New construction of single story, CMU/brick structural walls, steel stud/gypsum board interior walls, carpet/VCT flooring, acoustical ceiling, mechanical, electrical, fire protection and security systems.

December 2016
5,512 sf - Addition | 4,675 sf - Renovation
Monticello Public Schools
Wold Architects and Engineers