Meet Donlar

Jon Kainz

Meet Donlar
Jon Kainz - President

Jon has 38 years of experience in the construction industry and much of that time was working at Donlar Construction. He began as a skilled laborer and then as foreman. Following school and work as a registered architect, Jon returned to construction as a project manager and estimator, applying his design experience and insight to his work. Jon was LEED accredited in 2007 and was instrumental in facilitating a number of LEED Certified projects. In February 2008, Jon was named Chief Operating Officer for Donlar Construction and since that time has been in charge of the day to day operations and strategic direction of the company.

Jon’s enthusiasm for the complexities of the construction process began very early, watching his dad apply his skill to construction projects under his eye and seeing the building materialize phase after phase. He still has not lost his enthusiasm for the building process and enjoys the complex nature of the entire process, where one is tested with regular challenges and one is required to meet those with solid, workable solutions.

Outside of work Jon enjoys fishing and golfing but his family happily keeps him most busy.